Fantasy Hockey Name Generator

Just because you’re not on the rink giving the opposing goalie a ‘snow shower’ doesn’t mean you can’t get borderline unsportsmanlike and taunt your friends in your fantasy hockey league. Hockey demands speed, toughness, and grit, but this is fantasy, and above all, fantasy requires clever managing. So why not have a clever fantasy name too?

We’ve developed the best fantasy hockey name generator to ever grace the earth because, well, why the ‘H-E double hockey stick’ not? Your team name should be as sharp as Datsyuk’s blades, so test it out. Find funny fantasy names from our list. Generate a random name or choose an NHL team to get player and team specific names. Let’s get a little more creative than “Crosby’s a Expletive” this year. Only one team can raise the cup, but trash-talking excellence is the glory of fantasy hockey.

Isaac Clark